Whats On @ KRMFC

KRMFC host a number of well attended events throughout the year, take a look in here and see what were up to in 2022, Interested? come and have a look.


Kinross Radio Model Flying Club was formed in 1996 with the objective of promoting and furthering activities in the field of radio control model construction and flying. (And also having fun with this fantastic hobby!).......................


Picture Gallery

At KRMFC you will come across many different types of models and also in all shapes and sizes, we capture a photo of most of them and stick them in here.

E10 and petrol engine aircraft.
The new E10 fuel, which is mode up of 90% regular unleaded and 10% ethanol is not advised to be used in a model 2 stroke engine. The higher amount of ethanol when mixed with oil turns hygroscopic which means that it absorbs water from the atmosphere and so can produce condensation in fuel tanks, fuel lines and carburettors. It will also cause corrosion in brass, copper, lead, tin and zinc so can cause a catastrophic engine failure if used. You must use super unleaded E5 for mixing with 2 stroke oils.

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Loch Leven Planes
Wednesday Club 1 Sep 2021 Edit.jpg
Dave with Boomerang Jet 15 May.jpeg
Tom R's Heli 10 Dec_edited.jpg