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Our flying site is situated 2.5 miles west of Kinross on the A977 (2.5 Miles past the Service station). We are lucky to have one of the longest grass runways in Scotland with no obstructions at either end. The runway allows us to operate large models and the occasional jet with no problems.




We have a club hut with facilities for tea, coffee and those all important bacon rolls!

We carry a stock of fuel to keep you in the air, both 20% and 5%. 

We are keen to help anyone new to the sport and if required can offer friendly advice in choosing, setting up and flying your first aircraft or helicopter.

We offer flight training under close supervision of instructors using a Buddy Box system which makes the learning time considerably shorter and hopefully saves first time buyers from damaging their new purchases.


We also have resident SAA examiners who are there to help members further their skills and work towards the SAA achievement scheme.

Club days are Wednesday and Sunday from around 10.30. However during the summer months if it’s a nice evening, on just about any day, you’ll also find people flying at our field.

At our site we operate an off the peg frequency control system for both 35MHz and 2.4GHz. Regular events are organized throughout the year. See our whats on page for further details


We cater for all aspects of flying from gliders to electric to nitro and petrol. Our members have a huge range of aircraft from war birds to large 100cc petrol aerobatic planes.

We have 3 dedicated hovering areas for helicopters which are ideal to learn hovering with the help of our examiners. Once hovering is mastered our helicopter pilots can move onto the main runway to learn those next all important moves.


We can also be found on Facebook by following the link below.

So what are you waiting for?

Get yourself down here and have a go, the club has a helicopter and fixed wing trainer readily available so you can have a of charge, just to see if its for you.

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